Mail your local, state and

federal elected officials

Mail Them

Make your voice heard.

Mail Them allows our customers to prepare, print ship and track physical letters they draft on our site, to their local and state representatives. Just type in your address and Mail Them lets you know who your local, state, and federal elected officials are. Send your local Representative, State Senator, Governor, or the President a letter and let your voice be heard. Type, copy, and paste any text you want to send, and we will print, ship, and track for you, all for only $5.

Each envelope is printed on legal sized paper, with your letter on one side and the postage on the other.

See what it looks like. Choose your envelope color and make it your voice be heard and stand out.


"As a lawyer with a small practice, sending and receiving important forms can become monotonous, referring clients to Flat Rate Forms makes my life much easier…”

Michelle Johnson


How It Works

Mail Them uses Google's Civic Information API as the backbone of our platform. You enter your address, and we display all your elected officials. Simply click on the person you want to send a letter to, and Mail Them takes care of the rest.

Step 1

Enter your name and email address on form at the top and click continue.

Step 2

On the next screen, complete the rest of the form including the address where you live, not your mailing address. Voting districts are divided by sections.

Step 3

Once validated, you will see a list of every politician that represents you, click the button to the left of them to add them to the list. If you select more than one, you will see the total increase a the top.

Step 4

Pen the strongest letter you can think of! Make sure to keep it professional, profanity free and non-threatening. You can also copy and paste your text too.

Step 5

Verify your order, customize your envelope or font, and submit payment

Step 6

Click Send and you're done! Check your email for tracking and status updates…it's that easy.


Who wants to run to the post office to buy stamps, stationary, and then fuss with the mailman? We make it quick and easy.


Via First Class Mail, you can send your document via USPS and receive real time tracking and status updates as well as a delivery confirmation.


Need to send something more officially? Our Certified Mail option allows you to send mail, with tracking, on top of Signature Confirmation with proof of Signature sent back to you via email with included PDF.